The week 03.10-07.10.2022
07 Jan, 2023

With gains of more than 1%, the S&P 500 began 2023 on a high note and ended three-week losing streaks. The indices had fallen all week until stocks surged on Friday in response to a monthly jobs report that revealed a slowing in wage growth, possibly reducing inflationary pressures. Despite the possibility of a recession, the American labor market is nevertheless robust. According to information made public on Friday, 223,000 new employment were created in December.

The stock market's performance in January has typically been a reliable predictor of what the rest of the year may hold. In fact, according to S&P Dow Jones Indices, the S&P 500 has either posted a positive return for the year after increasing in January or has continued to post a loss when the market has decreased in the first month since 1929.

ONE-SIGNAL had a rocky start into the year, with Xpress returning -0.73% and Xpert -0.19%.