Navigating the Markets with Clarity

Navigating the Markets with Clarity

In the dynamic landscape of financial investing, information overload is an unnerving challenge. The continuous influx of diverse data from news channels, social media, peers, and page-long research reports can overwhelm investors, contributing to decision fatigue and impulsive choices. Real-time updates and conflicting expert opinions further complicate matters, necessitating a careful distinction between valuable insights and noise.

This inundation of information often leads to irrational behavior among investors. The pressure to stay informed and the fear of missing out (FOMO) can prompt hasty decisions based on short-term trends rather than thoughtful analysis. Emotional responses, fuelled by the constant stream of market noise, can result in suboptimal investment strategies, undermining the ability to adhere to long-term financial plans.

This is what ONE-SIGNAL is doing differently: eliminating the noise in the market, by only providing the most accurate and concise information for traders, by summarising the most important information into one word a day: LONG or SHORT, which we will dive into later.

The overflow of information

Navigating the world of investing often involves grappling with the daunting task of sifting through conflicting information and deciphering market trends. The challenge becomes particularly pronounced in an era characterised by an overwhelming abundance of data, where investors are bombarded with a constant stream of news, analyses, and expert opinions.

One of the primary struggles investors face is the inherent conflict within the information landscape. Diverse sources provide varying perspectives on market conditions, economic indicators, and the performance of individual securities. This divergence in viewpoints can create a sense of confusion, leaving investors uncertain about the true state of the market. Additionally, conflicting information can lead to indecision and hesitancy, hindering the ability to formulate a clear and coherent investment strategy.

Biased or inaccurate data further exacerbates the challenges of information evaluation. Investors must contend with the risk of relying on information that is influenced by personal opinions, hidden agendas, or simply incorrect analyses. This introduces an element of stress, as the reliability of the information upon which investment decisions are based comes into question. Making decisions based on flawed or misleading data can have profound consequences on investment outcomes, potentially resulting in financial losses.

Adding to the complexity are behavioral finance aspects. Psychological biases, such as overreaction to short-term market movements, fear of missing out (FOMO), and loss aversion, can significantly influence decision-making. Investors may succumb to herd mentality, following trends without conducting thorough research, or they may be prone to panic selling during market downturns. Understanding and managing these behavioral biases is crucial for making rational decisions amidst the noise and conflicting signals in the market.

The overflow of information in today’s digital age adds a layer of complexity. Investors may find themselves inundated with a deluge of data, making it challenging to discern relevant insights from irrelevant noise. This information overload contributes to decision fatigue, wherein the sheer volume of data becomes mentally exhausting, potentially leading to impulsive or ill-considered decisions.

The solution: ONE-SIGNAL

ONE-SIGNAL was developed after numerous years of research on stock market bubbles and the behavior of investors as individuals and in masses. The development of these bubbles is attributed to three psychological factors, being greed, envy, and speculation. Conversely, fear, lack of confidence, and disappointment will cause these bubbles to burst. 

Based on this, Ara Yalmanian developed ONE-SIGNAL, a non-discretionary system that applies the contrarian investing approach using sentiment indicators. The algorithm systematically analyses market sentiment to recognise emotions associated with bubble formations and predicts subsequent movements. 

We believe that sentiment indicators are the best metric to systematically and objectively analyse stock market behavior and predict price movements in every phase of the market. This is based on years of proprietary research and successfully testing our findings in the markets. Due to our unique approach, the system pinpoints sentiment trends and follows them until the exaggeration phase, to then change direction strategically. We are the only trading signal software provider to purely rely on sentiment indicators. As a result, we promote a smarter trading technique and a more efficient overall trading strategy.

ONE-SIGNAL’s mission is to act as a beacon of clarity amid market noise. In a landscape saturated with page-long analyses and diverse opinions, we distinguish ourselves by cutting to the chase. Recognising that individuals lead busy lives, we firmly believe that trading should be the second most important thing on their agenda.

In a financial world inundated with information, our approach is streamlined and direct. We prioritise delivering concise, relevant insights, acknowledging the precious commodity of time for our users. By distilling complex market dynamics into clear and actionable signals, we empower traders to make informed decisions without the burden of sifting through excessive analysis.

Understanding that the modern individual is often juggling multiple responsibilities, ONE-SIGNAL’s commitment is to make trading an efficient and accessible endeavour. We prioritise delivering the most essential information, allowing users to stay informed without being overwhelmed. Our mission is not just about simplifying trading; it’s about recognizing the value of time in our users’ lives and providing a platform that aligns with their need for clarity and efficiency in the fast-paced world of finance. Ultimately providing accurate information for traders. 

What our signals look like

Navigating the Markets with Clarity

Despite how complicated a trading system is behind the scenes, the trading signals must be clear, simple, and concise and include a risk management system. That is why our trading signals are short, concise, and clear, with an integrated risk management system in the form of a stop loss. Every day, ONE-SIGNAL subscribers receive a LONG or SHORT trading signal, which is valid for one trading day.

With our offering, ONE-SIGNAL Xpert subscribers receive their trading signal 3 hours before the NYSE opening bell. Positions are entered at the NYSE opening bell and closed at the end of the trading day. This enables a systematic approach and allows individuals to establish a trading routine. Traders need only open their trades, go about their daily business, and close the trade at the end of the day.

Why ONE-SIGNAL is the best trading information provider 

  • Efficiency: Despite how complicated a trading system is behind the scenes, the trading signals must be clear, simple, and concise and include a risk management system. We avoid the noise and understand the true state of the market. 
  • Cutting-edge approach: We are the only trading signal provider purely based on sentiment indicators. We do not use fundamental analysis to avoid valuation inaccuracies, technical analysis to avoid self-fulfilling prophecies, and common indicators, to avoid trend following.
  • Family-owned and independent: As a family-owned and independent business, ONE-SIGNAL is deeply committed to our subscribers’ success, understanding that our achievements are intertwined with theirs. We go the extra mile to offer unparalleled support through outstanding trading signal software, fostering enduring relationships built on trust and mutual success. As a ONE-SIGNAL subscriber, your triumphs are our triumphs, and we are dedicated to working collaboratively to navigate the complexities of the financial markets and help you achieve your trading goals.
  • Trust: ONE-SIGNAL stands out as a trading signal provider rooted in its origin as a system initially developed for personal use. Co-founder, CEO, and System Developer Ara Yalmanian relied on ONE-SIGNAL as a trusted trading tool for over 10 years. This extensive personal experience has allowed us to refine our trading signal software through continuous testing and optimization, making ONE-SIGNAL a trusted and time-tested tool to help investors succeed in the financial markets.
  • Performance and accuracy: At ONE-SIGNAL, our track record speaks volumes as a trusted trading signal software provider, consistently outperforming the S&P 500 index since our inception. Since 2000, we’ve surpassed the reference index by an impressive 73%, showcasing the effectiveness of our signals and the value we bring to subscribers. In 2022, amid a significant S&P 500 decline of -19.6%, ONE-SIGNAL Xpress delivered a robust return of 33.1%, and ONE-SIGNAL Xpert achieved an outstanding return of 68.6%, demonstrating our commitment to providing top-notch trading signals, enabling subscribers to thrive even in challenging market conditions.


In conclusion, ONE-SIGNAL is the antidote to the challenges posed by information overload and biased data in financial investing. Our streamlined approach cuts through market noise, delivering concise and accurate signals with integrated risk management. 

As a family-owned and independent business, our commitment to subscribers’ success is evident in our track record of consistently outperforming the S&P 500 index. Our unique use of sentiment indicators, honed through years of personal development, testing, and optimisation, sets us apart in providing a trustworthy and efficient trading strategy. 

Choose ONE-SIGNAL for a reliable partner in navigating the financial markets with clarity and performance-driven precision.

Sign up for ONE-SIGNAL today to discover how it can elevate your trading strategy in an increasingly technology-driven market, or get in contact with the experts behind ONE-SIGNAL’s success to learn more.

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