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One-Signal stock market sentiment indicators provides daily trading signals for better trading returns.

One-Signal delivers daily long or short trading signals. The perfect trading tool for consistent trading signals and effortless trading returns.

Volatility signals, momentum indicators and trade signals at best. We use the S&P500 signals as our reference index, as it is the largest and therefore reflects the wider stock market.

Upward movement may be imminent


Downward movement may be imminent.

A signal provides information about the future development of the stock market, with LONG or SHORT notices for each respective trading day. The goal is to provide guidance for the subscriber to make a daily investment decision.

We also provide execution services for less experienced individuals who want to achieve profitable returns in the market.

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“Our mission is to support investors with their daily decision-making processes and help them generate effortless alpha“

 Ara Yalmanian - CEO & Founder of One-Signal

Samir (UAE)

37 years old – Day Trader

أفضل أداة للتداول، مع ون سيغنال استطيع المداولة بأمان ومن دون خوف

Niko (Germany)

27 years old – Software Engineer

Ich war wirklich frustriert, dann kam ich auf One Signal….

Alex (Switzerland)

32 years old – Sales Manager

No need to do research anymore! One Signal is the only thing needed for return generation and I love it!

Roland (Austria)

52 years old – Executive Assistant

Nach über 20 Jahren Erfahrung hätte mich kaum etwas überraschen können. One Signal hat mir das ideale Tradingkonzept angeboten. Ich war tatsächlich überrascht!


26 years old – Lawyer

All I need for trading – simple, concise and efficient. Also, a great support team.

Simon (France)

21 years old -Student

I am so happy to have discovered One Signal! It is so easy to trade now!

Emma (USA)

25 years old – Blogger

Decision-making simplified, but also with control over your own daily decisions.

Aram (Armenia)

28 years old – Developer

Ներդրումները դյուրին դարձան:

Stefanie (Germany)

33 years old – Teacher

Ich hatte nie Zeit, Recherchen zu machen. Dank One Signal, ist dies nicht mehr nötig und ich kann problemlos investieren.

Chris (uK)


I am so happy to have discovered One Signal! It is so easy to trade now!

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