Many investors might prefer to forget, or at least put behind them, the year 2022. We don’t.

The equity and bond markets ended the final trading week of the year with a whimper and little evidence of a Santa Claus rally. The S&P 500 closed the year with a decline of roughly 20%. 2022 represented the greatest losses for stocks and balanced investors since the Great Financial Crisis of 2008.

Additionally, this year’s shares and bonds offered little opportunities for investors to conceal their money, with an exception in the energy sector. With the S&P energy sector up more than 55%, it enjoyed its best year on record. The U.S. dollar index did well as well, and even if it lost some of its fourth-quarter gains, it still ended the quarter with a gain of more than 8.0%. Bond and stock market volatility both returned in 2022, with the VIX volatility index rising by nearly 20%.

The Federal Reserve aggressively raised interest rates throughout the year, which hurt growth and technology firms and dampened investor mood. Markets were also on edge due to geopolitical worries and erratic economic data.

While Hedge Funds had one of the worst years in 15 years, ONE-SIGNAL performed strongly this year. ONE-SIGNAL Xpert returned 68.63% and ONE-SIGNAL Xpress returned 33.05%.

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