The biggest enemy of individuals in our civilisation is inflation

Inflation is an ever-present part of the system we live in. This implies that hard-earned money loses value over time, meaning that individuals who want to maintain their purchasing power must work harder to nominally earn more and not be impoverished at the end of their lives. As a result, increases in personal work performance must keep pace with the inflation rate. Therefore, a typical person must ensure that their annual income increases by 4.0% to 4.5%. When a worker and/or non-highly qualified employees become aware of this reality, it appears hopeless to fight the loss of value solely through performance at work. A possible way to earn more is to obtain a higher qualification through further education or specialisation. Another option, and in a lot of cases, the better option is to save a portion of one’s earnings during the first few years of employment and invest it in the capital markets. This is the only possibility to make the hamster wheel spin faster without getting exhausted.
For individuals deciding to take this step, doors open to a world of appealing opportunities, some of which are associated with significant risks. The fiat money inflationary system is cruel to the financially illiterate. This monetary system rewards not only the hardworking but also the astute. Only by investing, one will be able to maintain, if not improve, one’s standard of living. Capital markets represent nearly limitless opportunities to grow one’s own money. Everyone’s decision on how and where to invest their hard-earned money is personal, which is why financial education is so important. The more one knows the less one needs luck.
We are aware of how time-consuming it is to be introduced to the complex subject of financial and capital systems as a result, we created a system which generates returns for everyone with minimal effort, allowing us to leave the inflationary vicious circle, and thus leave the fear of loss of value behind and focus on the more important things in life. Work-life balance does not come into one’s life without willing to maximise the “work” component of the equation. You don’t get there by working harder, but by working smarter and most importantly, by letting your money work for you.

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