The week 01.03 – 05.03.2021

The week 01.03 – 05.03.2021

A volatile week is behind us. Market participants were torn between the positive news from the political sphere and the vaccination and on the other hand negative market realities. Two major announcements caused joy in the markets:

A USD1.9 trillion government relief plan for individuals affected by the Covid-19 crisis in the United States was approved.
The go-ahead of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Rising interest rates on 10-year US Treasury bonds caused institutional investors to revise their risk allocations and increased the volatility of the S&P500 and other asset classes. From a market psychology point of view, market observers have been talking about a bubble for weeks. The losers of the week were the S&P500, ending the week with -1.91%, as well as Gold with -2.25%. Oil and US T-Bonds were the winners, gaining +6.68% and +7.10% respectively. ONE SIGNAL delivered Long signals at the beginning of the week, followed by three days of Short Signals. The wrong signal on Friday got stopped out with a minor loss of -0.41%. Smart traders closed the week in the green with a plus of 2.75%.
We apologize to our subscribers for the technical failures during the past week. All problems have been fixed so that we will continue to generate and convey our signals with the new products OS Xpress and OS Xpert as usual.

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