The week 02.11. – 06.11.2020

The US presidential election has finally been defeated, with the result that the agony for market participants will be prolonged as the elections now threaten to drift into legal aftermath. If the market were left to its own forces, political decisions would play a less fundamental role and would have less influence on the sentiment among market participants. The hoped-for near end of the political squabble over the pending aid package has thus also been prolonged, threatening to plunge the economy into a veritable recession. Nevertheless, the market psychology apparently did not remain particularly impressed by this, so that it concentrated only on corporate data and for a while did not pay the usual attention to the political games and their protagonists. The market wanted to rise with all its might last week. We could observe, however, that prices in overnight trading accounted for about half of the overall result. The parallels to the February-March course of the S&P500 cannot be dismissed. Only this time with different signs. The S&P500 was by far the weekly winner this week, the only loser of the week was the US T-Bond. ONE SIGNAL closed the second week in a row with a positive result of 2.17%.

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