The week 11.01. – 15.01.2021

After the stock markets had risen to new highs, investors became more anxious, so that the stock indices couldn’t stabilize. Stockbrokers also had every reason to be never, as the focus was on the never-ending political turmoil as well as the increase of Covid19 cases. On the other hand, news about the overvaluation of many companies and rising interest rates made the rounds. Additionally, unemployment statistics increased, which was only partially offset by economic aid for those in need. The S&P500 closed the week with a minus of 0.92%. The oil price and the US T-bonds closed the week with losses.
ONE SIGNAL delivered long signals the entire week, with it could not escape the trend and lost 0.95%. The only winner of the week was gold, which saved itself with a moderate 0.15% into the weekend.

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