The week 11.05.-15.05.2020

ONE SIGNAL closed the week with a profit of 2.47% and had so far the fourth-best week year to date. The S&P  500 and thus the entire stock market closed negatively for the week. The recovery of the last two days of the trading week was not enough to make up for the losses already incurred.
It seems that many are trying to lock their profits over the recent weeks. Economic uncertainty and growing concerns about the confusion in political decision makings are weighing on the capital market. The growing concern and the fear made funds flow into safer havens. The US T-Bond fell by 6.30%.
The “winner” of the week is once again the oil price, which has climbed another 20.77%. Despite the impressive recovery since the lows at the end of April there has been a big minus year to date. The gold price rose by 2.67%, marking an important level at which many are spellbound.

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