The week 21.11.-25.11.2022

The weekly gains for U.S. market indexes were 1.51%, representing an increase of more than 12% from the mid-October low. The most recent U.S. Federal Reserve policy meeting’s minutes, which were made public on Wednesday, revealed that the majority of Fed members preferred to limit the rate of interest-rate rises. According to the minutes from the Fed’s early November meeting, a “substantial majority” thought that a slowdown “would likely soon be necessary.” Rate increases of three-quarters of a percentage point have been granted in each of the previous four meetings. The VIX, which gauges investor expectations of short-term U.S. stock market volatility, fell for the fifth time in the previous six weeks as of Friday. It had recently peaked on October 11 and is currently about 40% lower.
The S&P 500 closed the week up 1.51%, slowly making up the negative year-to-date performance of -15.74%. One-Signal Xpert and Xpress are up 69.13% and 39.48% respectively. 

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