The week 23.05.-27.05.2022

Following a seven-week losing record, the longest since 2001, equity markets posted solid gains last week. Selling fatigue, encouraging retail earnings and signs of Fed flexibility all helped the S&P 500 recover from its lowest point in over a year. The release of minutes from the most recent Federal Reserve meeting in the United States on Wednesday revealed that policymakers were open to hiking interest rates by half a percentage point at each of their next two sessions, as they did in early May. Officials recognised that any future half-point rate increases could intentionally hinder economic development in order to combat inflation.
The United States’ economy stumbled slightly more than expected in the first quarter of this year. The latest GDP data provided by the government on Thursday showed that the economy declined at an annual pace of 1.5%, rather than the initial estimate of 1.4 percent. The negative revision was prompted by lower private inventories and household investment.
The S&P 500 closed the week in the positive territory with a gain of 6.09%. One-Signal Xpert and Xpress returned 2.30% and 3.92% respectively. On as YTD basis, One-Signal is still outperforming the S&P 500, which is down -12.97%. One-Signal Xpert is up 17.70% and One-Signal Xpress 8.57%.

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