The week 24.08. – 28.08.2020

The good news outweighed the bad news last week, which explains the inflow of fresh money that seems to pull prices and markets into one direction. Some sentiment indicators have crossed the exaggeration zones they have been in for weeks and have now entered extreme zones. If we look at these sentiment indicators individually, we should expect a return to normality soon, which implies a significant fall in prices. But the price reality on the markets irritates some investors who do not misinterpret these data at all. ONE SIGNAL does not presume to make interpretations or long-term predictions but focuses exclusively on the facts and figures that active investors leave behind as an indication in the market. The development of the previous week was positive for most of the assets on our watch list, except for the gold price, which apparently suffered somewhat due to the overwhelmingly positive mood on the stock markets. ONE SIGNAL delivered a plus of 1.46% for the week and 43.42% for the year. In comparison, the S&P500 has a plus of 7.68% for the current year.

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