The week 26.05.-29.05.2020

The hope of a V-shaped recovery in the economy is spreading. Even the die-hard bears and those in favour of a more painful recovery are correcting their predictions.
Many interpret the course of the S & P500 as the ECG curve of the economy. So, to stay with the picture, most experts have revised their findings from a severe heart attack to mild ventricular fibrillation. This reassessment comes after prices have rallied almost 40% since the March low.
As long as the S & P500 is doing well, the economy is doing well, according to popular belief. The shortened week brought the indices mostly a healthy plus. Our benchmark, gold and oil prices all rose. ONE SIGNAL delivered long signals throughout the week and participated in the price gain with 0.75%. Only the US T-Bonds lost an incredible 7.03%.

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