The week 28.12. – 31.12.2020

The last week of the year tends to be shorter than usual and often ends on a positive note. The inconceivable amounts of cash money (M1), with which the central banks have flooded the economies, found their way to the stock markets. The short week was marked by positive news, such as the start of the Covid-19 vaccinations, which revived hopes for the normalization of life. Additionally, aid checks amounting to $2,000 for US citizens were pronounced, providing some economic relief and another positive impulse for the market. Moreover, the Brexit deal was finalized. These positive signs caused the S&P500 to rise by 0.89%. Hopes for the recovery of the world economy caused a small jump in oil prices, which rose by 0.60%. Investors lost interest in gold and T-bonds, at least in the short term. ONE SIGNAL closed positive five times in six weeks, keeping up our positive momentum. An analysis of 2020 will follow very soon.

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