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About Us

We believe that markets are driven by powerful emotions: fear & greed. Greed attracts investors to speculate in an even dangerous market environment, which leads to irrational exuberance thereby building asset bubbles. Conversely, fear leads to panic and mayhem. Our vision is to help investors all around the world with the best information we can provide to eliminate these emotions during their decision-making processes. Our aim is to alleviate the stress investors face every day, as we believe that everyone has the right and the capability to make decisions without emotional stress.

Simply put, we are the essential information tool investors can’t go without.

About Us

Expert Know-How

We continually learn and do the homework for you.

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We lean heavily on the knowledge of experts and do our due diligence.

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We help you save time. Trade faster, smarter and save time.

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We recognize all the undervalued opportunities during the frenzy.

Historical Performance

Ara Yalmanian

Co-Founder, CEO & System Developer

One-Signal was developed by a passionate and experienced investment pioneer from Vienna. Ara has long-lasting experience in the development and implementation of trading signals, which are based on sentiment indicators.

Born as an Armenian in Damascus in 1963, Ara moved to Austria in 1982. He graduated with a MSc in Banking & Finance. After that, he started his career at MAIL Wealth Management and at Hasenbichler Asset Management. Ara is fluent in German, English, Arabic, and Armenian.

Already enthusiastic about markets and stock market psychology since his studies, Ara Yalmanian began developing the system, almost 20 years ago, that generates trading signals based on sentiment indicators.

Over the past decades, he has been continually refining the system. His philosophical and psychological approach, paired with long standing stock market experience, makes Ara an expert in focused, hence extremely profit-oriented trading that combines the knowledge of business and market psychology. Yalmanian’s extremely analytically oriented approach to ONE-SIGNAL is based on Contrarian Investing and embodies an anti-cyclical investment strategy, without any time constraints.

About Us

Clara Yalmanian

Co-Founder & Head of Growth

After graduating from Lycee Francais de Vienne, she pursued her higher education at the University of Warwick (with a semester at the University of St. Gallen). Clara graduated with a BSc. (Hons.) International Management in 2019. Her experiences range from corporate finance at Clipperton Finance, to Sales & Trading at UBS as well as Société Générale and Investment Banking at Rothschild & Co. Clara also worked at Amundi in Private Debt (Leveraged Loans) for one year. After her time at Amundi, she decided to pursue her career at ONE-SIGNAL, to grow the family business. Clara is fluent in German, French, English and Armenian.

As the Head of Growth, Clara is at the intersection of marketing activities, product strategy and development, as she’s also focused on driving organic growth. She defines and implements the company’s overall business objectives and strategies. As a young investor with previous experience in the finance industry, growing up in a household where financial literacy was given a lot of importance, Clara naturally understands the investment needs of younger generations and applies her previous experience for B2B activities.


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About Us