ONE SIGNAL bases itself on a few sentiment indicators, for example the Volatility Index for the S&P 500 (VIX), Put-Call Ratio and Open Interest. The levels of these indicators are fed into different systems with distinct approaches each calculate a signal. The weights of the long and short signals of each system are compared, checked for validity and this determines a final signal for each trading day.

ONE SIGNAL is designed for individuals who want to trade and win by generating alpha effortlessly. Our system was developed for experienced semi-professional and professional investors that face time constraints and value additional information for their decision-making process.

We use the S&P 500 as our reference index, as it is the largest index. Due to its size and the availability of data, it is a good representation of the wider stock market.

ONE SIGNAL is an information service provider and does not guarantee any profits. Trading is at the subscriber’s own risk.

Since its inception, ONE SIGNAL has delivered outstanding returns, outperforming the market regularly. However, stock market trading comes with its own risks, for which the subscriber is personally responsible. These risks are also dependent on the instruments traded.

No, we are an independent and owner-operated company and not affiliated with any third-parties.

After your free trial, you won’t be charged automatically. You can choose between different subscriptions and lengths.

We do not make recommendations about specific financial products. Our system uses the S&P 500 as a reference index, as its size represents the wider market. It is therefore the subscribers decision which indices and instruments to trade.