Who is ONE SIGNAL for?

ONE-SIGNAL is designed for individuals who are looking to generate alpha effortlessly. Our system was developed for experienced semi-professionals and professional investors facing time constraints. ONE-SIGNAL is the ideal tool for traders who are seeking a simple and straightforward trading routine.

ONE-SIGNAL uses the S&P 500 as its reference index, due to its size and data availability. It is therefore a good representation of the overall stock market.

ONE-SIGNAL is an information service provider and does not guarantee any profits. Trading is at the subscriber’s own risk.

ONE-SIGNAL’s maximum drawdown is 15% (based on backtests).

We do not make recommendations about specific financial products. Our system uses the S&P 500 as a reference index, as its size represents the wider market. It is therefore the subscriber’s decision which indices and instruments to trade.

We provide execution services for less experienced, or time-constraint individuals. Our collaboration with Van Sterling Capital Ltd. Combines ONE-SIGNAL’s cutting-edge trading strategies with Van Sterling Ltd’s asset management system. ONE-SIGNAL Xpert provides information for Van Sterling in order to execute the signals in case the risk parameters and other factors are in line with the approach and policies of Van Sterling. The offered strategies Bohemian I and II are using CFDs and futures to achieve the strategies´ targets.

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Once your free trial expires, you have the choice between different subscription lengths.