10 things you should know about the stock market – Part I

10 things you should know about the stock market – Part I

The stock market is something that everyone has heard about, either because of “hot” IPOs such as SnapChat or news about the Dow Jones and the S&P 500. Or maybe your next-door neighbour was telling you about that “sure-thing” investment. However, because there is no “Introduction to Financial Literacy” course at school, you may not fully comprehend how the stock market works. In a world full of market noise, our latest article, accurate information, noise-free, helps you focus on what truly matters.

At One Signal, our mission is not only to provide you a with trading tool that supports you make better decisions, but also help you to understand market dynamics. Revisit our analysis on whether the market is poised for a downturn in 2024 Q2 analysis: is the market set to crash?

We have put together this small eBook, which will explain the basics of the stock market. Before diving deeper into market intricacies, start with our primer on how to become a successful trader to build your trading acumen.

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