How to take advantage of ONE-SIGNAL’S trading software?

How to take advantage of ONE-SIGNAL'S trading software?

How Easy is it to Use One-Signal’s stock trading software with buy and sell signals?

ONE-SIGNAL was initially developed for personal use. This is why convenience, preciseness, and profitability are at the forefront of what we offer. 

Our philosophy is simplicity, efficiency, and rationality. Our subscribers receive one word in one email per day with a stop loss, as we believe that this is all that is needed for decision-making. No lengthy analysis, no financial jargon, we distance ourselves from the overflow of information and white noise in the market. We believe that every individual has the right to make trading decisions without emotional stress, as generating passive income should be stress-free.

Who is our stock trading software for? 

Our subscription service is designed for investors who have traded previously, have knowledge about different financial instruments, and are aware of their risk tolerance.  

We offer two different subscriptions for our stock trading software

Our different subscriptions, ONE-SIGNAL Xpert and ONE-SIGNAL Xpress are designed to cater to different trading needs:

  • ONE-SIGNAL Xpert – subscribers receive their trading signal 3 hours before the NYSE opening bell. Positions are entered at the NYSE opening bell and closed at the end of the trading day. This enables a systematic approach and permits individuals to establish a trading routine, whereby traders only must open their trades, go onto their daily business, and close the trade at the end of the day. 
  • ONE-SIGNAL Xpress –  subscribers receive their trading signals a few minutes after the NYSE closing bell. If the signal remains unchanged, they can keep their positions overnight. This is geared towards traders who don’t mind having overnight exposure and want to save on transaction costs. 

How to use our stock trading software’s signals for effortless returns

ONE-SIGNAL provides short and concise information in one email per day. Our signals provide information about the future development of the stock market, with LONG or SHORT notices for each respective trading day. The goal is to guide our subscribers in their decision-making. Alongside our signals, we also provide daily stop losses for risk management. 

ONE-SIGNAL - trading signal service provider - short trading signal notification example

This example is from an Xpert subscription. In this instance, the trader received the signal a few hours before the NYSE opening bell. The signal here is SHORT, which means that the system anticipates that our reference index will lose value during the trading day.

At the NYSE opening bell, traders will enter a short position with the indicated stop loss (optional but recommended) and exit the position at the NYSE closing bell. The system is designed for busy individuals that only have minimal time to participate in the markets. They, will open the trade,work on their daily activities, and exit the position at the NYSE closing bell. Numerous brokers also allow traders to set the timing of closing the position, simplifying the process even more. 

Our stock trading software takes the emotional stress out of trading

If you are not confident enough, have time-constraints, or not experienced enough for the approach discussed above, we also have a solution for you.

We have collaborated with an experienced asset manager to provide our clients with first-class execution and money management services, taking care of everything, from signal generation to trade execution. 

Use ONE-SIGNAL’S stock trading software for better trading outcomes 

As you can see ONE-SIGNAL simplifies the trading process, leading to better outcomes for traders. With our two different subscription models, you can start leveraging our stock trading software to optimise your trading strategy and ensure effective decision making in line with your goals.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you to achieve your trading goals, visit our solutions page or get in touch today.Master signals trading

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